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Fleksy keyboard tutorial.

I decided to download the Fleksy Android keyboard and give it a try. In fact I’m using it right now to type this post (barely).

Upon installation, Fleksy brings up prompts to enable the keyboard and set it as the input method. It then immediately goes into the tutorial. My initial impressions were favorable until it came to two finger swipe to get to the mini keyboard and the invisible keyboard. For some reason the two finger swipe on my galaxy note is extremely hard to achieve.

Once I did finally get the keyboard down and restored it, I ended up with the image you see above. Half of the bottom row decided to try promoting itself up to the middle row. Trying the same tutorial later on I had similar results but with a portion of the middle row remaining on the top row.

As for typing with the keyboard, I find it extremely frustrating and usually takes me much longer to type a single sentence than any other keyboard I’ve used on Android.

There are a few reasons for this. First their autocorrection only works if you type the exact number of characters in the word you intend. If you accidently add an extra letter then there’s no telling what word you will end up with.

Secondly, they use a swipe right for a space and a swipe left for delete word, there’s only a key press for backspace a single character. But the settings, which you can’t change, are too sensitive on my phone and even accidently sliding my finger from T to Y will cause a space in the word I’m trying to type (like the word “type”). Occasionally I may delete a word mid stride as well for similar reasons.
Additionally, swipes up or down will scroll through the word suggestions or cancel the autocorrection. While not as common, I do run into cases where auto correct will change the previous word I wrote while I’m in the middle of writing another word.

And finally the long press will bring up the symbols and numbers input for a key. However as with the spacing, the sensitivity it too high and I end up with words like (/&nwpje) (that should be sample).

The mini and invisible keyboard are interesting. However it can be a little misleading when using an app which expects the keyboard to resize it’s display, such as the wordpress app. As well, near as I can tell, there is no way to make a new line (hit enter) with the mini keyboard. No gesture that they’ve made obvious which is a huge issue for me.
The auto correction seems pretty accurate as long as you hit the right number of characters. Any symbols or nmbers or even adding or missing a letter will totally mess it up.

The keyboard comes with a speed typing test to see how quickly you can type. At over a minute for the first line while using the Fleksy keyboard I think they really showed me how difficult it is to use the keyboard. And trying it in landscape mode on my galaxy note I know it was never intended for that size screen. Perhaps many of these issues are less obvious on a smaller screen.

Considering that the fleksy keyboard is only a one month free trial, I find that it really leaves a lot to be desired. The tag line for Fleksy is “Happy typing” however my experience with it, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I didn’t touch on the themes that also come with the keyboard as they are completely irrelevant to me and it’s performance. Fleksy will be off of my phone once this post is done.

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